About Mon Petit Poulet


レシ フレッド マジドは、中国で長年コンサルタントとして様々な分野のプロジェクトに携わってきました。中国での最後の2年間は、弟のAnt&Grasshopperと共に上海に700m2のファミリーレストラン(室内遊び場450m2、レストランスペース250m2)を設立し、経営していました。当初はこのコンセプトを関西に持ち込む予定だったが、コロナの影響なども考え友人に相談したところ素晴らしいアイデアをいただき、フランスの伝統的なロティスリーをオープンすることにしたのです。




Our history

Frédéric Majid Hrayssi worked as a consultant for many years in China on various projects in many fields. His last two years in China years, he established and ran with his brother Ant & Grasshopper, a 700 m2 family restaurant in Shanghai (450 m2 indoor playground, 250 m2 restaurant space). His original plan was to bring this concept to Kansai, but he was redirect by a friend into first opening a traditional French rôtisserie. In the process, he met Mr Ito Tsuyoshi, a Japanese chef with an extensive experience cooking French and European cuisine, who owned his own restaurant for more than 17 years and worked for prestigious places such as the Ritz-Carlton and Okura hotel. Mr. Ito was immediately enthusiastic, finding bringing French traditional roasted chicken to Kansai an interesting challenge.

We are proud to introduce our rotisserie, the Mag4, a machine by Dorégrill, one of the leaders in the field in France. Cooked at a slow pace, it brings out the pure taste of chicken meat without the fat, which drips down, providing with a salad a very healthy meal. For those looking for comfort food, we also propose potatoes cooked with the chicken fat in the rôtisserie, French style rice & sauce roasted chicken, or an old time favourite, potatoes purée with a choice of mustard.